Havoc logo arm sleeve

Havoc logo arm sleeve

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We are a German-speaking gaming organization that is represented in the e-sports titles League of Legends, Valorant, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as well as Rocket League and Rainbow: Six Siege.
Our experienced, big-headed management does everything to create an optimal environment for our teams, our management and the community in our organization.
HAVOC focuses on future-oriented design in order to also provide future generations to inspire eSports.

The propads.gg Gaming Armsleeves should not be missing in any gaming area!
With their sweat-wicking technology, the arm sleeves ensure distraction-free and dry wearing comfort. The compression fit offers you additional support and freedom of movement so that you dominate every game situation.
Every gamer knows the hot clutch situations where the heart starts pumping and the pulse shoots up. The result is sweaty arms and hands. With the arm sleeves from propads.gg this is now a thing of the past!
The gaming sleeves wick excess moisture away from your skin and act like a large sweatband. In addition, the gliding material reduces the friction of the forearm, which will consequently lead to more precise aiming in the game.

- No sticking to the table
- No high friction to the table
- Less arm and hand moisture
- Increased comfort while gaming
- Easy and convenient way to represent your team or organization
- Warming in winter
- Sweat-wicking technology
- Breathable
- Temperature and moisture-regulating effect thanks to breathable high-tech microfibre

Gaming arm sleeve

Reduces friction for more precise and accurate mouse movements.

reduces friction

Premium surface


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