Own store

Filled with the highest quality gaming products in team design

Earn money

You will be involved in a sale of your team products

Exclusive discounts

As a partner, you will receive a discount code for your community

New Products

You are the first to list new products in the shop


Each of the listed products can be pimped by your community with a nickname or similar

Affiliate area

You don't want your own store, just an affiliate partnership?

propads x offers you the opportunity to run your own team or creator store with your own range of products.
We offer various store models for this purpose. We determine these together and then select which products are required for your project.
We offer you the chance, even as a small Esport club, to offer your own merchandise and make the community happy and earn something at the same time.


You have a large reach and are planning a limited edition? Numbered designs, special boxes with cool content and looking for a partner for the entire fulfillment?


Of course, also offers various models of cooperation for events.
From the classic B2B order for your own sales at the event to the complete fulfillment service, helps you to make your event unique.

Send a detailed application/request to or apply in detail in the partner form (at the bottom of this page)


Sign up for our affiliate program and become an official affiliate today.

The affiliate program is 100% free and requires 0% technical know-how.

After you have registered, you can download a whole range of banners, media and various logos in your affiliate area, with which you can advertise on your platform. As soon as visitors access our homepage via your link and order a product, you will automatically receive a 10% commission on sales. You can view your sales at any time in your affiliate area.