Our new Esports surface to design yourself

The time has finally come. Control mousepads in your own design and without compromising on the surface.

The surface for all ambitious gamers and esports players. Thanks to its rough structure, our esports surface is particularly suitable for FPS players for whom every millisecond counts. The mouse sensor registers movement stops more quickly, preventing overflicking.

Design your own esports and gaming pad now and level up your gameplay!

Rough texture, faster gliding sensation

Our custom surface for esports gamer

The woven texture of the control pads has been arranged in such a way that there are small hollows in the surface. These ensure that when the mouse stops from a fast movement, the mouse sensor can detect the end of the movement more quickly. This texture makes controlpads feel somewhat rougher than ordinary speedpads, despite their top gliding properties.


Do you have questions about the control pad?

Our control surface is specially designed for gamers and true enthusiasts who want to get the best out of themselves. The advantages of the Esports surface are in the millisecond range. For casual players and office users, we recommend our speed surface, as it feels more comfortable on the skin and the designs can be better displayed on the texture.

No, our mouse pads work with any mouse, but you should always use the latest technology for your peripherals so that the advantages of the surface can be fully utilised.

Basically yes, but it is possible that due to the coarser texture of the mouse pad, black areas may appear slightly lighter and some colours may not look 1:1 like in your preview in the 3D configurator. However, if a motif does not work at all, we will contact you.

No! You can clean our control mouse pads as normal, just like our speed surface. For more information check out our FAQ.

If you have any further questions about our Esports interface, please send us an email to We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

Design your control mousepad now: